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Millennium Millionaire Mindset Company Makes Getting Accounts Receivable Factoring Fast & Easy!

An extremely common cause of cash flow problems in dozens of industries is an elongated business cycle. This refers to the period of time between conducting a sale and being paid in full. In conventional business models, a transaction is made the moment the customer receives a product or requests for a service to be performed. The business is paid immediately, and can therefore quickly plow money back into business-related expenses. But doctors, construction contractors, and wholesalers must follow a different system in order to serve more people. They often have to wait several months, yes, months, to be paid in full.

Yes, this is just as inconvenient and problematic as it sounds. Being at the mercy of late-paying customers prevents you from scheduling your finances for future plans, taking advantage of lucrative opportunities, and paying your business partners on time. Profit margins and business credit dwindle as problems that should have been fixed right away become increasingly troublesome.

But these businesses need to grow just like any other. United Capital Source offers Accounts Receivable Factoring for borrowers that need to dramatically shorten their business cycle so they can expand or simply meet accounts payable pressures. Click on the PDF Below to download the Form to apply for Funds for your Businesses, Business Expansion Campaign

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Millennium Millionaire PDF Application(1)

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